Hack4Kids is an initiative from SMILE g.i.e. with the aim to initiate children to coding, and educate them about information security. Another objective is to contribute to the development of the next generation’s ICT talents, their e-skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Therefore, we want to designed the Hack4Kids as an open source concept with free modules available to all. Any organization and/or company willing to organize and promote its own Hack4Kids, with its own branding, will be able to do so by using the modules available online. The experts from the CodeClub and original Hack4Kids team will also be happy to provide support, knowledge and train other experts whenever necessary.

Our resource center gathers all the available modules that can be used when organizing a session. The modules cover different sectors of interest: Telco, Cloud, Journalism, Media, TV, Communication…and contain an extensive description of its usage, objective content and general structure.

Companies will also be able to create and propose their own module, which will be added, after validation and testing, to the resource center. In this case, the module will not be branded as such but rather “powered by X” (i.e. Crypto module powered by Wort).

Find our modules on