Hack4kids is all about professional multilingual events targeting various audiences ranging from kids to teens, tailored to meet any need on the topic of information technology and security.

  • Young people will get practical answers to their IT questions
  • They will learn how to use their IT equipment in an original manner
  • They will discover a world of inspirational opportunities

Some numbers...

  • +28 editions all set within the Grand Region (fully public, fully private or mixed events)
  • +1250 attendees in total
  • +56 workshops in LU, EN, FR, DE, ...
Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU


The objective of Hack4Kids is to raise children's curiosity and creativity in order for them to explore by themselves.

Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU

hack | verb | \'hak\

  • To create with electronics and computers for enjoyment
  • To think outside the box
  • To develop beyond artificially imposed limits
  • To understand and solve information security challenges
Hacking Fun Photo credit: SECURITYMADEIN.LU

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