The Hack4Kids concept was started by the AWARE department of SECURITYMADEIN.LU (SMILE g.i.e.), with strong support from the CIRCL department, in partnership with the CodeClub and the Ministry of Economy.

The project is part of the policy for the development of digital skills (“ICT skills”) carried out by the Ministry of Economy. The objective of AWARE is to create, through this initiative, the first national resource center for ICT, targeting every generation (towards a future Hack4Luxembourg).

The objective is to promote coding and at the same time educate young children about information technologies in order to raise understanding and general knowledge about new tools and trends. Another key objective is to contribute to the development of the next generation’s ICT talents, e-skills and entrepreneurs.

What is it all about and Why?

first brainstormIt has become more and more important to understand the technology building our world on a daily basis and the tools used behind the transformation. And this type of knowledge needs to be acquired at a very young age in order to evolve with these changes, feeling engaged with them, be a strong part of them and why not even play an active role.

Hack4Kids is all about curiosity, creativity, willingness to explore new things and technologies by yourself. The workshops are based on a self-directed learning model and are a complement to the traditional school system’s teachings.

Hack4Kids encompasses all levels of knowledge and skills.

The amazing thing that’s happened in the past 20 years is that one does not need to be a rocket scientist to be a programmer. It’s about being curious enough to go on the web and figuring it out.