Hack4Kids v11 – KPMG 07/05/2016


Venue : KPMG

Total number of children : 60 +


“I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team that allows this event to happen. My kids had always had a good time and they have liked the topics which are covered.”

“I think events like these are extremely valuable and playing with drones and robots is fun too. Thanks for organizing!”


A new ICT Spring Hack4Kids special edition was organized in the frame of a partnership between SECURITYMADEIN.LU and KPMG on Saturday 7th of May 2016.This event gathered about 60 children aged between 7 and 12 years old. The workshops, which made the initial Hack4kids success, were completely reviewed and put at the colors of KPMG. Here is the list of workshops that were given:

  • A workshop based on coding software Scratch: children were able to use in a creative way this coding software developed by the MIT. The exercise aimed at creating a whack-a-mole. A small hackathon, dealing with the Internet of Things topic, was organized for an advanced level group of children who had to create a connected banana.
  • A « Network game » workshop: a playful and dynamic game which helped children understand how the TCP/IP protocol works. Children also got basis in network engineering, learned how TOR works and what are network attacks.
  • A drone workshop: children learned how to handle drones with a dedicated programming language.
  • A « Data privacy » workshop : this activity was developed and presented by KPMG and aimed at understand the new issues linked with Big Data.
  • Un atelier « Data privacy » : développé et animé par KPMG, cette activité a eu pour but d’aider les enfants à comprendre les nouvelles problématiques des données personnelles et du Big Data.
  • A « light-painting » workshop: it is a creative and funny photography shooting technique with which makes children can paint with light.

« During a whole afternoon, children discovered technologies which are part of their everyday lives. The Hack4kids workshops help children understand how these technologies work. For instance, the connected banana challenge illustrates this goal well. Discover, learn and have fun!“, explains Matthieu Farcot from SECURITYMADEIN.LU.