Hack4Kids v08 – Luxembourg 15/12/2015


Venue : Alvisse Parc Hotel

Total number of teenagers : 10 +

On Tuesday 15th December 2015, Coder Dojo Luxembourg has, in association with Hack4Kids (initiative developed by SECURITYMADEIN.LU), taken part in the eSkills conference which took place at Alvisse Parc Hotel. This event aimed at encourage citizens to develop their digital skills in order to access the employment market. A Youthspark stand (Microsoft initiative) was made available for the general public and hosted the Coder Dojo initiative, with the support of Hack4kids. A coding workshop was given and gathered about 10 teenagers coming from all around the world. The small group learned how to use the programming language software Scratch and Python. On the whole, the public was enthusiast and appreciated the activity.