Hack4Kids v17 – Game of Code 11/03/2017


Venue: Forum Geesseknäppchen

Total number of teenagers: 20+


“To see these sorcerer’s apprentice playing in the premier league with mastery and elation was simply impressive. A promising future!” Francis Bourre, Software Architect, Docler Holding


SECURITYMADEIN.LU organized Hack4Kids event based on the topic of Alice in Wonderland in the frame of Game of Code – a Hackathon which gathers a hundred of developers from all around Europe – on Saturday 11th of March 2017 in the afternoon at the Forum Geesseknäppchen. This edition lasted during 3 hours and gathered around twenty children aged from 7 to 12 years old. The goal of this workshop was to promote teamwork and to make children discover the different key steps of a software development from the concept formalization to the technical development and finally the presentation of the outcomes in front of an IT professional panel. The participants were divided in 3 groups according to their mother tongue (French and English in this case) and developed 3 different projects with the help of Matthieu Farcot and Steve Clement, experts in information security at SECURITYMADEIN.LU and Chris Pinchen, founder of practicalprivacy.lu:

  • The first group animated the drawing of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland through the programming of LED.
  • The second group helped the White Rabbit going down in his burrow with sensors.
  • The third group imagined means to distort time and space through wearable sensors.

Each group presented its project in a creative way to a professional panel. Children truly appreciated this initiative and the professional panel were pleased with the final outcomes.


Global survey of the event

Relevance of the workshop



To organize a small hackathon from A to Z was a very good initiative. The variety of the ideas, their implementation and their final presentation in front of an IT professional panel was a great project.

“I think that the event was a great success, as usual. More than any other time it was a real experience having to understand the subject, the tools, and especially solve the cases when the response was not as expected. Troubleshooting, debugging are concepts/emotions totally new to these generations and they were conveyed with a mix of outstanding enthusiasm, competence, and genuine frustration. All this, on the fringe of the hackathon, made the children feel like they could be there one day. Very inspiring. I ended up personally involved helping out a small group.”


Quality of the workshop



“This session was very interesting and the kids (especially the older children) truly enjoyed it. The main positive point was that they had enough time to build and complete a project. Children got the opportunity to present the outcomes of their common reflection which was a nice conclusion to the afternoon.”


General organization



Global explanations of the workshop are maybe given too quickly.

More computer mice should be provided because it is difficult for children to use the trackpad.


Duration of the event


Information and communication




General satisfaction